Under The Clouds

High up in the sky, above a never ending sea of clouds, lives on majestics and feathering creatures of all sizes. Hunting, preying, flying upon all else. And as Mankind needed their abilities in order to survive, they domesticated them, bonded with each other, wrote them as living legends and myths.

Time passed, and humans, still knowing their place in the food chain, constructed their villages, towns and cities, protected , hidden from predators. Setting aside their desires of exploration and themselves for a quiet life.

Our story takes place in the peaceful village of Lhasa, where Jinpa & Tseten live alongside their mother, Nele. Until one day, when she disappeared with her bird Tara.

The Characters



The Birds

They were the initial thrust for the project, and they embody the feelings of freedom, exploration and adventure that I love so much, but with the possibility to play with their cute and stupid side.

Storytelling Attitudes

Seeing how the characters, think, act and react to each other in a given situation may be the part where I take the most pleasure lately. Like little windows overlooking their world, I felt like adding some quick context and dialogues was necessary in order to bring them to life.

Additional Researches

Even if the project was mainly about designing Tseten, Jinpa and their birds, world building and storytelling occupy a big place in my heart when it comes to sketching.

Here's a mix of every other researches that helped me build the project from scraps.

Thank you for your time !




Samuel Amar

Hi, you can call me Sam, I'm a concept artist specializing in character design and world building. I have had a great passion for of video games and animated movies since my childhood, and more recently with storytelling, which led me to combine those and start mastering for roleplaying games.

And that's pretty much the direction I'm trying to achieve with my art, focusing on mood and storytelling, describing epic scenery but also the quiet slice of life moment, the Weird and the Cute.

I'm looking forward to work with a team and invest myself in future projects.